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Retail price
GDPR Local Fonts WordPress-Plugin Basic
24,95 €
4,99 €
GDPR Local Fonts WordPress-Plugin Agency
149,95 €
29,99 €
Smart Fonts for Elementor WordPress-Plugin Basic
12,95 €
2,59 €
Smart Fonts for Elementor WordPress-Plugin Agency
69,95 €
13,99 €

Using awesome fonts (not the font-awesome, duh!) on your website and still be GDPR compliant? With our GDPR Google Fonts plugin for WordPress, you can now safely use your favorite (Google) fonts again.
Download the plugin, activate it and instantly all remotely hosted Google Fonts on your website are now automatically stored locally and thus will be served GDPR compliant from your server without asking a remote service ever again.

Ever faced the challenge of incorporating fonts into a web page that are not available as webfont? This is now a thing of the past. With our Smart Font for Elementor WordPress plug-in, it’s easy to integrate any imaginable True Type Font (.ttf) into your website.
And to give you even more bang for your buck, we also designed this plugin to nicely integrate with the Elementor Page Builder (hence the name).